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"Dear Cat,

This is to express my admiration and appreciation for the work you did for me. the dream catcher that you created as a gift for a hand fasting couple was very appropriate and beautiful; the recipients and all in the wedding party were most pleased and admiring of your creation. The one that you created for me was absolutely stunning. I asked you to create one for me based on what you knew about me and the result was a lovely and powerful piece. I will treasure it all the days of my life.

I also want to comment on the Tarot reading that you did for me. At the time of the reading, I recognized the truth of what you were telling me and within a few months, all of your predictions have come to pass and based on your recommendations I have been able to change certain habits that were holding me back.

Thank you for everything you have done for me Cat. I am very proud and grateful to be considered not only a customer but a friend.

Blessed be."



 The dream catcher I requested for my son has brought blessings both sought for and pleasantly surprising.

The initial purpose of the dream catcher was to help open lines of communication, as my son is eight years old, and occasionally has trouble expressing himself when things are upsetting him.  Since we have hung it over his bed, any talks we have seated near it have been easier for him.  I feel it has helped me in how I speak to my son as well, because good communication is a two way street.

What we did not expect was the effect this would have on his school work.  He has had to perform several oral presentations at school, either on books he has read, or to demonstrate teaching something to his classmates.  My normally shy-in-front-of-people son became a shining star.  He was confident and well paced, and truly a joy to watch in front of the class.  I know this, because even though I was not present, the teachers have been so impressed by his performance, they ask to record the presentations.  He has been pulled from one class to repeat his projects for other classes.  I was dumbfounded by this, and I know that the dream catcher has helped him to find his voice.

The skill and beauty with which the dream catcher was made is obvious in any of the pictures Cat provides, and larger than you would think, as well.  I am supremely pleased with Cat's work, and look forward to making more of her items an addition to my home. 

Kathy S.


"My reading from Cat was quite on point and one of the most accurate I have received this year. She was professional and personable and easy to talk to. I enjoyed the experience and hope to repeat it soon."

Jo Sprouse


"Dear Cat,

I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me. It was impressively accurate. I was amazed at how many things came out which you didn't even know about.

When you gave me the reading, you didn't even know it was me, as I had won it on Facebook, you did it and it was impressive. You realized afterward who it was. But most of the things you told me you didn't even know about, so you are very very gifted.

Hoping that things you told me keep happening, and my life will become much more balanced and calm.

Thanks for everything and Blessed be..."


"Cat is truly a gifted individual, her vision and advice has helped me through many-a-situation. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone."

Barry L Lagler Jr


Thank you for the great reading Last night! Can't wait to talk again and see the email with it so I can read it again!

Liz  O.


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