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Just a quick note.

I wanted to take a moment to apologize to all of you.

The Job that I got a year ago has been consuming the better part of life.  My work is over 50 miles away from home, so the commute turns a 40 hour week into a 60+ hour week, I moved within the company from Support to QA, we were bought out by IBM and are transitioning,  My eldest is going through all the motitons and craziness to prep for kindergarten, We are trying to sell our house, things have just been crazy. 

I feel very guilty about the lack of time for my website, and had brought down the store due to this lack of time.  If there is ever anything that you are curious about, or are interested in products, some of the previous pictures can be viewed via my Facebook page and you can inquire about them at any time.  I just could not handle the volume of sales alongside this job.  I do want to let you know I am still here for you, and will do my level best to make sure that I provide any support and assistance needed.

I miss you all and hope that you are having a blessed day.


How to register with this site

Due to some people having difficulty with registering with this site I am posting step by step instructions for the process (complete with pictures!)

Happy registering!

1. First Navigate to the website in a separate window 

2. Click on the link for "Register"

3. Fill out the form with your information and click "Submit"

4. A confirmation message will appear on the screen

5. Check your email for the message and click on the link to Confirm your new account registration
 (Take note of the Username and Password displayed on the email as you will need it to login)

6. After following the link locate in the email, you will be directed to a Login screen on the website which will tell you that your account has been successfully activated and prompt you to login.

7.  Enjoy!


I hope this has helped anyone who is having issues with regestering on my website! Thanks and Blessed Be )O(


Which ULC is for Witches? Check before you apply

I just want to warn everyone.  Make sure you check which ULC you are applying to before you put in a request.  This Blog post relates to an experience I had in 2012, and I am updating the post to reflect all the feedback I has gotten over it for the last 2 years.
I made an application to the ULC not having looked closely at which one I was applying to.  This is what happened... 
I filled out their application on the ULC site and then changed my mind and decided not to buy the paperwork.
Tonight I just got a very upsetting phone call from the people at ULC.  They called about my application and asked me what faith I am. When  I told them I am Pagan, the man on the phone began to rant and rave at me about how it is a criminal act in PA to become ordained if you are not Christian.  And about how they would take me to court if I tried again.  The man told me to, "Take my trash and peddle it elsewhere."
I have to say I was very upset by this phone call.  It is by no means the first time I have heard such things coming from a person of another faith, but I was truly ruffled by the raw venom and hatred in this man's voice and deeply upset by his threats as my 4 year old daughter was sitting on my lap during the call.  I told the man to have a nice day and hung up.  
I have since combed through Pennsylvania's "TITLE 23 - DOMESTIC RELATIONS" laws to find this restriction, and I can't find it.  What I did find was this:
1. General rule.--The following are authorized to solemnize marriages between persons that produce a marriage license issued under this part: ... A minister, priest or rabbi of any regularly established church or congregation.
2. Religious organizations.--Every religious society, religious institution or religious organization in this Commonwealth may join persons together in marriage when at least one of the persons is a member of the society, institution or organization, according to the rules and customs of the society, institution or organization.
I'm no law student.  I'm sure there are hundreds of places I could not even begin to know to look for these things.  It had just honestly never occurred to me that I would get that kind of response after reading this on their company's LinkenIn site, 
"The Universal Life Church (ULC) is the only denomination in the world that opens its doors to all, welcomes all who ask to Become an Ordained Minister and grants it without question... We strongly believe in the rights of all people to practice their beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others and are within the law."
But the overarching point here is not about who can do what.  The reason I am writing this is because I felt safe to file... and now I had to talk to my daughter about how some people get mad when you don't believe in the same thing they do.  I was hoping to wait that conversation until school age.  So if you are Pagan, and thinking about getting ordained...  Make sure you check where you are before you file.

Finding your God[dess]: A fun way to approach the divine 

I had an idea recently about our connections to the Divine, and the pantheons we ascribe to.  Every Goddess and God have aspects to who they are and what they represent just as we have those same aspects.  I got to thinking about that icebreaker where you pick three words to describe yourself and began to wonder if this could be applied to finding your Goddess and Gods.  

So just in our minds here, we are going to play this icebreaker game.  If you had to describe yourself in three words, which three would you choose?

Example: Hi, my name is Cat. I would describe myself as a Grower, a Mother, and a Guide.

Give yourself some time to choose three words that you would use to describe self.  Try to dig deep and really think about who you are and what matters to you most.  Once you have your three words look around for Deities that embody those aspects.  Here are some good resources for finding your God[dess] to fit your words. Make sure you look into your choices once you narrow down the list.  You'll be suprised what you may find with a bit of research.  


Separates into general categories:


Alphabetical Lists

*Tip use "Ctrl"+"F" on your keyboard and type the word you are looking for here


Drop down search


So all together now... 

Hi, my name is Cat. I would describe myself as a Grower, a Mother, and a Guide.  My Goddesses are Anu (Celtic), Frigg (Norse/Germanic), Hecate (Greek)...

Spend some time with that goddess or god and try to get to know them.  Read their stories and see if they are a good fit for you.  You may have just found your inner diety.  Spend some time with them and you will strengthen your connection to Spirit.  


**For a twist on this idea... If you are having problems finding dieties that are a good fit, draw three tarot cards from only the major arcana and use these aspects as a good place to start to look for your dieties. 




The Evolution of My Practice

I find myself sitting down to meditate as I do most nights, just quietly sitting in our oversized beanbag chairs with Pandora playing in my ears and bringing myself back into balance. I bring myself into my astral home and begin to sort myself out. What happened today? What did I accomplish? What did I begin?

I might spend some time working on this home of mine. I might spend time working in the woods surrounding it, or the river that leads to it... but for a time; I leave myself... to work on myself.

This is where I do my ritual, without pomp or circumstance. I am an energy worker... I have a different way of doing things.   Does this mean that I do not walk the path of a witch? No, but it does beg the question, "What does that mean for my faith?"

How can I explain the deep connection I feel to those around me, the stillness that comes from within, the sense of feeling the earth turning beneath your feet, existing, both in the physical world and in the extra-physical one at the same time. The truth is, you have to go there to understand it.

Being an energy worker can be frustrating.  You are always keyed into your surroundings.  Sometimes those are people, pets, plants, guides, emotions... and just energy in its formless state. For many years it was overwhelming for me, but it is who I am.

There are a lot of things that we, as energy workers, will run into that most people won't notice.  What seems like everyday interaction to most people has a much deeper level to us.  I'll give you an example.  Walking down a crowded street, passing by countless people, their bodies brushing past one another as they move from one place to the next on their journey through their day can be both amazing and taxing if you stop to feel it.

When I walk down that street, it isn't just a commute. I drift through all the people around me. I feel drawn to clear the stagnant energy as it moves past me. I have to stop myself from reaching out to these faces in a sea of people. I end up boosting and cleaning everyone who passes by, unless I consciously prevent myself from doing it.  

I had the same issue when I worked in a call center for T-Mobile USA.  Here I was in a building surrounded by 200-400 people at a time, most of whom were frustrated, tired, annoyed, and buzzing on caffeine.  It got to the point where I had issues focusing on the call I was taking and ended up cleaning the people around me instead.  I had to learn to build walls around my cubicle so I did not feel as much.  Suffice it to say, it is a gift that has a profound impact on all aspects of my life, and it started at home.

At home here I have two wonderful little girls, a loving husband, and a dog. My children work beautifully with energy, we have spoken that way since before they were born.  Even my dog has a strong field.  My husband is the reason for this development.  He is a black hole.  By this I mean that, energetically, he draws from everything around him constantly, and instantly grounds about 90% of it out.  He is unable to hold onto energy intentionally or selectively ground it out... this even tends to effect his memory.  He also isn’t able to do anything with the remaining 10% of what he draws from around him, so it tends to get stagnant.  So at home I am obliged to maintain not only my energy levels, but also those of the rest of the household when my husband is home.

Don't get me wrong, I love this about him.  The challenge has forced me to take my energy levels to a whole other level, and has given me the strength to do amazing things.  I have tried to work with my husband and his use of energy, but the he does not want to learn.  He prefers that I do it for him.  Hubby and I have known each other for around 18 years now, and been married for 7 years.  So the habit of "cleaning him up" has long since become ingrained. This need has spread to all my surroundings and filled me with a need to keep those around me energetically healthy.  And as I mentioned before, I have issues focusing on other tasks if there is stagnant energy around me. (And before you ask, Yes I’ve been diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar)

Back to my practice and energy working.  I am, as we all are, an energetic being.  For years I fought through most of the ‘standard’ practices of paganism complete with rituals, tools, spells, and correspondences.  But I always felt like I was doing extra work.  Through focusing solely on working through energy in its true form, I have found a way to connect directly with the “divine one energy” without going through all the ‘hoops’ involved with normal pagan practice.  I am one with the Goddess always.  She is there with me every step that I make.  Between her and my guides, I could not ask for more. 

I have been on this path for many years now and I have to say I feel as though it has been an amazing journey.  I have spent time with the energy of myself and countless others, and learned to really hear them.  I hope it is an experience that everyone can share as well.  So if you feel like you are working harder then you have to, start with basic energy manipulation and move on from there.  Spend time really feeling beyond yourself.  Meditation and Astral meditation can be wonderfully helpful tools as well.  Just find a way to go where your guides are taking you and a whole new way of experiencing life will open for you.