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Just a quick note.

I wanted to take a moment to apologize to all of you.

The Job that I got a year ago has been consuming the better part of life.  My work is over 50 miles away from home, so the commute turns a 40 hour week into a 60+ hour week, I moved within the company from Support to QA, we were bought out by IBM and are transitioning,  My eldest is going through all the motitons and craziness to prep for kindergarten, We are trying to sell our house, things have just been crazy. 

I feel very guilty about the lack of time for my website, and had brought down the store due to this lack of time.  If there is ever anything that you are curious about, or are interested in products, some of the previous pictures can be viewed via my Facebook page and you can inquire about them at any time.  I just could not handle the volume of sales alongside this job.  I do want to let you know I am still here for you, and will do my level best to make sure that I provide any support and assistance needed.

I miss you all and hope that you are having a blessed day.

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