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We are all a few bits of everything... 

I've been doing a lot of thinking since opening my shop about what I want to do with this blog space. I've seen hundreds of blogs out there as I have surfed the net, and there are many that I like; and many that I don't.

This is because we are all different people, comprised of different interests and ideals. None of us are just pagans. We are all multifaceted people going through our lives while building our connection to the earth.

I for one, am a pagan, a mom, a wife, a tech nerd, a gamer, a small business owner, a science geek, a home owner, a book worm, a free time gardner, a full time craft addict, an amateur painter, a yoga enthusiast, puddle jumper, swing-set hog, and someone I search if IT work...

...among many other things.

This make for an interesting combination when you mix it all together.  Looking at my email inbox and RSS feed, you would think someone just randomly grabbed pieces from the internet and tossed them together, but all these pieces make up who I am.

In this space I intend to talk about many things. I will try to keep it to things orienting around paganism, as that is the part of me that is reflected in this site, but there may be cross-overs to other parts of my life as well...

So I just thought I would throw this up and let you all know I'll be trying to write something in here most days... some days it may just be a blurb, and others a book (lol).  But I will be trying to make an effort to write.  

So in closing... What are the bits that make you up?


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