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Finding your God[dess]: A fun way to approach the divine 

I had an idea recently about our connections to the Divine, and the pantheons we ascribe to.  Every Goddess and God have aspects to who they are and what they represent just as we have those same aspects.  I got to thinking about that icebreaker where you pick three words to describe yourself and began to wonder if this could be applied to finding your Goddess and Gods.  

So just in our minds here, we are going to play this icebreaker game.  If you had to describe yourself in three words, which three would you choose?

Example: Hi, my name is Cat. I would describe myself as a Grower, a Mother, and a Guide.

Give yourself some time to choose three words that you would use to describe self.  Try to dig deep and really think about who you are and what matters to you most.  Once you have your three words look around for Deities that embody those aspects.  Here are some good resources for finding your God[dess] to fit your words. Make sure you look into your choices once you narrow down the list.  You'll be suprised what you may find with a bit of research.  


Separates into general categories:


Alphabetical Lists

*Tip use "Ctrl"+"F" on your keyboard and type the word you are looking for here


Drop down search


So all together now... 

Hi, my name is Cat. I would describe myself as a Grower, a Mother, and a Guide.  My Goddesses are Anu (Celtic), Frigg (Norse/Germanic), Hecate (Greek)...

Spend some time with that goddess or god and try to get to know them.  Read their stories and see if they are a good fit for you.  You may have just found your inner diety.  Spend some time with them and you will strengthen your connection to Spirit.  


**For a twist on this idea... If you are having problems finding dieties that are a good fit, draw three tarot cards from only the major arcana and use these aspects as a good place to start to look for your dieties. 



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